Beaks, Feet and Feathers


We have recently developed a range of bird related activities and education resources for teachers and environmental educators including Beaks, Feet and Feathers. Beaks, Feet and Feathers was a precursor to BirdLife Australia's Answering the Call curriculum resource and new Birds in Schools Project.

Beaks, Feet and Feathers contains worksheets suitable for Early Stage 1 to Stage 3 students. These include investigating colours and sounds (investigating bird sounds worksheet); birds and their environments (food web worksheets) and bringing back the birds (postcards from a bird worksheet).This resource was developed during the pilot program for Answering the Call in collaboration with several partners as part of a “Forging Partnerships” grant. Our partners included Brewongle Environmental Education Centre, Cumberland Bird Observers Club, Hills Shire Council and the Australian Museum.

Click to download for FREE on the right of the page. It can be used by teachers, environmental educators as well as for parents at home.

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