Winner: Ryu Callaway

My first birdy memory

A few years back in time,

Before I knew a single call,

I heard a melody from behind

Who could be playing such a tune?


We looked around in wonder,

together we pondered,

But we had little idea,

On what it could be.


We thought out aloud,

Surely not a Friarbird,

Do I dare say a Lyrebird?

In my suburban yard!


Right and wrong, we all were,

For it was neither friar nor liar.

Instead we looked out upon,

A grey bird atop our washing line.


I managed a single shot,

On my brand new camera

Through the branches and the rain,

Without a clue as to what it was.


Now I am a birder,

And at last I knew it’s name,

A Grey Shrike-thrush is what it’s called,

A happy one too


Now I see them often,

In reserves and parks,

But never has it returned,

To our forlorn yard.


I will never forget,

The day that that bird came

The humble figure in the yard,

Singing in the rain.


Runner's Up

Rachel Johnson

‘My Favourite Backyard Bird’


The Magpie in my backyard swoops,

And he does lots and lots of poops.

I like to watch the Magpie glide,

When he comes I need to hide.


A magpie’s beak is really pointy,

And his song is very noisy.

He picks up worms with his beak,

If I were a worm, I would shriek.


His pretty feathers are white and black,

But if he hit my head, it would crack.

His babies he likes to protect,

When he leaves, his nest I will collect.



Liam Johnson

My favourite Backyard Bird

Willy Wagtail

There once was a bird that was small,

And it had a really cute call.

He likes to swing his little tail,

Even in a really strong gale.


He goes branch to branch and hops and hops,

Until he sees a dog and stops.

Into the leafy trees he flits,

And when he lands he sits.


His tail is always wagging,

It looks as if he is bragging.

If he is dancing,

I hope he`s advancing.


Melina Hicks

My Robin

At the farm 

looking and staring 

they fly around so quick

little red breasts 



We watch as they play 

find food for their young


soon they will sleep 

until spring again.


Grace Cox

My favourite backyard bird

Is the crimson rosella.

It makes a sound of quiet peeping,

and “twit twoo”says the little fella.

If you watch it closely

You will see it feeds

On fruit, nuts, flowers

Nectar, insects and seeds.

 and @UrbanBirdsOz  @birdsinbackyards
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