Taronga Zoo lost some cockatoos

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Taronga Zoo lost some cockatoos

Our QBE Free-flight Bird Show keepers have asked if you can keep your eyes peeled. During the 3pm show on Monday, two wild White-bellied Sea Eagles flew in and the Red-tailed Black Cockatoo flock took off. One came back to the Zoo himself and the other was found in Balgowlah Heights. We’re still missing three, but we suspect that we may have heard calls in the area surrounding Warringah Mall. Please help us spread the word by sharing this update :)

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Darn, I spent two whole days at the zoo photographing the bird shows (all four) about a month back. Why couldn't the sea eagles come then?

On a serious note, hope that the cockatoos turn up. They've already gone missing a couple of months back due to an adult Peregrine Falcon scaring them off.

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Oh, I hope they are safe.  Some birds just fly with no sense of where they are going when frightened, and go amazing distances.

Brisbane southside.

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Hi at approximately 6pm today 6-12-2015 at Hatfield place Hebersham NSW 3 Black cockatoos flew overhead. Have seen previously may have been same birds . Hopefully this could be a lead to your escaped Black cockatoos.

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not sure about that Judibent as the previous report was 2012


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Have you ruled out Glossy Black and Yellow-tailed Black-?

Wouldn't discount the possibility due to time duration alone (though if they aren't the above species consider the real possibility they may have escaped from another source), I know of a Mallee Ringneck escapee that has survived for over 5 years at liberty in Melbourne. 

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