Keeping your Lunch

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Keeping your Lunch

Another day on the inlet and another of Osprey providing wonderful viewing.

Unfortunatley though most of action was a couple of hundred metres away over the Leschenault inlet.

Osprey picked himself lunch which i think exceeded his safe flight weight parameters (Even the Terns were impressed)

After nearly ditching himself and his meal  twice back into the water. The valiant bird then had to contend with a Seagull fighter swarm before he reach a safe altitude and headed off for a very well  deserved but routine fish lunch :)


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Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera


Amazing sequence of photos  ... those ospreys are always putting on a show for you. 

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That really is a big fish! And what an effort he put in. Beautiful shots Laza!

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Wow, luck y for the great show. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm yet to get an Osprey flying off with his catch yet.

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Silvergulls really will do anything for food, but I love this photos, D'you what kind of fish it is? It's very big

Tegan - Melbourne Vic.

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Incredible mate!!!! Love the pics with the seagull in pursuit. Well done and thanks so much for sharing this set.

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Thanks guys

Wish they had been a little closer but I guess everyone says that

Tegan; no idea about the  fish 

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Looks to me like a big Mullet

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Thanks Dev

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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