Pied Currawong

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Pied Currawong

Having brekky in the backyard when a pair landed on the neighbours antenna. Got a shot of them before one flew, the other stayed for about 20 minutes, joined at one stage by a couple of the locals just letting it know they were there before preening itself and pulling some great faces.

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Nice shots brian63. Those bluefaced honeyeaters always protect their space and fear no bird. Like the last shot in particular which reminds me of the finish of the NZ haka with the evil eye and mouth wide open!

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Love the last one!

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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I love their melancholy call.


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Nice shots Brian.

Over here in Collie Hills where I see them, they always too fast for me to get a decent picture, very camera shy.

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