The magpie larks across the road.

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The magpie larks across the road.

I've been keeping an eye on my magpie larks since I spotted them building their nest more than a week ago now.

Last week was pretty wet in Melbourne so they gave the nest several days to cure and harden and were back last weekend to add the finishing touches.

They both took turns sitting in the nest, but the male often had his head down inside the nest.  After watching for a while I realised he was plucking out his own feathers out to line the nest.  At one stage when they'd left the nest unattended a Wattlebird stuck his beak in check it out.

I actually think they've chosen a bad spot.  A huge flock of sulphur-crested white cockatoos roost in the trees, making a hell of a racket every night.  And they're on the exposed northern side facing the prevailing wind.

Anyway, they're persevering.  Yesterday when I got home I heard them and went out to check.  One was on the nest and the other close by.  It's been like that every since so I suspect she's finally laid some eggs.

Incubation is about 18 days, so hopefully I'll see some chicks in about 3 weeks.

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Sounds like very dedicated parents. Hopefully they are successful

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Great to get the full story when it comes to nest building. Sometimes the locations do seem unusual. Looking forward to pics of the youngsters


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Looking forward to seeing how  this continuing story ends up

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Lovely photos, there is a pair that i see not far from me, hopping all around the road, but i haven't spotted their nest.  Its a very strong looking nest!



We are going to see a great photographic record of the offspring as hatchlings, nestlings, fledglings, and juveniles - fingers crossed it all goes well. Thanks for posting the pictures and for your interesting obsverations.

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