New Holland Honeyeater

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New Holland Honeyeater

These guys are always on the small bushes outside my bedroom window in the morning, soon as they see you they take of,managed to shoot of 1 frame before he saw me.

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nice one mate! i like the yellow colors :)

i haven't got a decent shot of these birds, always on the run hehehe....


Nice one there Raoul,they are a nice looking bird we don't get them here.

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Nice image Raoul. A good pose.

It looks like there was a little bit of subject movement when you pressed the shutter. NH honeyeaters rarely sit still and then if they do you blink and they have started moving again.


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Thanks guys, Geoff the camera didn't have time to auto focus probably and he took of..

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Lovely bird - good capture

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a couple of seconds in an editor and (hopefully) we can take the glass away....

Ed Townsville NQ

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Thanks ed much better...

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Photograph or not Raoul having them outside your window is the best. Set up a tripod and take your tme and you will get some great pics.

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