Raptors & Ravens

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Rick N
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Raptors & Ravens

Came across this pair being harrassed by a couple of Ravens(?) a few weeks ago at the Goolwa effluent ponds.

They were a long way away so heavily cropped but markings are reasonably clear.

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No expert, maybe Little Eagle

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Yep, Little Eagle.

Shorty......Canon gear



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Nice shots. Before I read the text I thought it would be the other way around - the ravens the harassees rather than the harassers.( It reminded me of the willy wagtails that used to harass the ravens if they came too close to the nest even jumping up and down on their backs!). You say they were a long way away but yes very clear - what were you using?

Rick N
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Hi Hakeae, 

The Ravens were definately the aggressors in this meeting. Camera was a D600, Lens 300mm,f4 with 1.4 tc. All Nikon.


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Notice the thin white trailing edge of the secondaries on the Little Eagle... this is typical in all morphs of Little Eagle and makes it easy to separate LE from juv. Brahminy Kite.

There seems to be a second raptor in the last photo. It appears to have yellow legs... looks like a juv. Swamp Harrier with the pale patches on the primaries.

Brandon (aka ihewman)

Rick N
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Thanks Brandon,

I had assumed the two raptors were the same species as they were flying in together, but I see what you mean. Will see if I can find a photo that shows the second bird more clearly. Cheers

Rick N
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All I could do was a crop of the original, but it shows a little more clearly.

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+1 for imamture Swamp Harrier on the second one. 

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Nice shots, two raptors in one pic! Little eagle and Swamp harrier for me too.

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Yep, LE and SH. The LE's wings are wider. Lorne, Bundanoon, NSW. 

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