Yellow tailed Black Cockatoo

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Rick N
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Yellow tailed Black Cockatoo

Taken early morning about a month ago in the plantation Pine forests around Mount Gambier. In the last photo the look is like "What the hell is that?"

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Very fine work, getting the tail colour is excellent. Second last photo is my pick of the bunch, well done!  What were you using to capture this sequence?

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Nice shots! Male and female together in shot 4, the male has the pink ring around the eye : )


Fantastic photos .... they do fly close together!

Love them all, and especially #4. Thanks for the tip on the eye ring Saturn.

Rick N
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Thanks all for your comments.

Mitzy646, D600, nikon 300mm f4, nikon 1.4 tc.


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They look great Rick stuff!   Great job done on keeping up with them all .Did you happen to notice them chatting to eachother as they passed overhead?  I love to listen to their quiet murmerings ..... very cute as I usually only hear their prehistoric call laugh

Sunshine Coast Queensland

Rick N
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Thanks birdie,

This lot never stopped chatteringsmiley and yes they do have quite a range of murmerings and chuckles.

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