A few birds from around Bourke

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A few birds from around Bourke

Not necessarily the best pics but I was pleased to find these birds around Bourke where it finally rained the night before we left. Of course, they need much more. Hope you enjoy them, Sue

Cockatiels nesting on the riverbank; Mallee Ringnecks; White-winged fairywren; Pale-headed Rosella

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Beautiful photos, Sue! :)

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Great shots! You are certainly seeing some interesting birds on your travels Sue.

Samford Valley Qld.


Thanks for sharing your great photos.

Love those Cockatiels in the wild and the others too.

Rick N
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Great photos. Pale headed Rosella is beautiful.

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Thanks everyone, it is great to be able to share but I have kept a few for other times. There were so many more along the way such as a juvenile Cockatiel at Trangie as we stopped for tea. I really enjoy other people's pics and am working on improving my photography. The trick seems to be get close as you can.

Well sadly the trip is over but we do head off to Tassie in October for the tulips... yep, we are S.K.I.ing (spending kid's inheritance). Some really good friends can no longer participate in such things so we plan to travel while still able. Still a few places to revisit after our big tour in the Morgan last year... not the car for off-roading. It also seems that rewards are to be found if you look hard enough ... check out my Mudgee bird in the Identification forum. What a finish! Sue

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Well done Sue! It's all a bit over my head but I have already read all about it. smiley

Samford Valley Qld.

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Stunning photosyes I just love the White-winged Wren, beautiful.


Night Parrot
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Excellent photos. I love the one of the Mallee Ringneck and its brilliant colour. I have a photo of a couple of MRs in my bird book but it significantly pales in comparison to yours Sue.

Skiing. Good one.

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Lovely photos! You must be having fun travelingsmiley I love all of the photos, that pale-headed rosella is just stunning!

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