EagleCAM update - eggs infertile

Many of you may know of and watch BirdLife Australia's EagleCAM - a live streaming camera watching the nest of a pair of White-bellied Sea-Eagles at Sydney Olympic Park. Whilst the pair has had a lot of success in the past few years, raising a number of young, this year's result was not so rosey. After both the eggs failed to hatch, the decision was made to retrieve the eggs and run tests to determine what went wrong. A cherry-picker was brought in to reach the eggs that were in the nest, 20m off the ground. Inital tests by the Animal Referral Hospital in Homebush indicate that the eggs were simply infertile - further testing is being conducted to see if we can discover more about why this happened.

Read more about the retrieval here and watch the clip below.

WBSE 2013 - Egg Retrieval

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