Spring has Sprung! What a Great Time to Survey...

Surveying is easy to do (there are full instructions and photos), fun and also helps us at Birds in Backyards know what is going on with our nation's urban birds - and the more you send us, the clearer the picture becomes. You don't need to be an expert - just someone who loves birds.

There is a survey type for everyone - from a general backyard bird survey through to surveys that target specific species. For those on the east coast - the Channel-billed Cuckoos and Common Koels are arriving now, and we want to know the dates you first hear them. It seems that the Channel-bills in particular are a couple of weeks early this year.

So if you have never completed a bird survey before, have been surveying for years, if you have lots of birds in your garden or even if you have very few, Birds in Backyards wants, and needs, your data.

Head over to the survey pages, have a read through, and then get out and enjoy the sunshine - and, of course, the birds!

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