Campbelltown City Plant List

The list of plants associated with this area. Please click on an individual name to see further details about these species.

Growth Form Scientific Name Common Name
Tree Acacia parramattensis Parramatta Green Wattle
Tree Angophora costata Smooth Barked Apple
Tree Corymbia gummifera Red Bloodwood
Tree Eucalyptus crebra Narrow leaved Ironbark
Tree Eucalyptus maculata Spotted Gum
Tree Eucalyptus moluccana Grey Box
Tree Eucalyptus tereticornis Forest Red Gum
Tree Tristaniopsis laurina Water Gum
Fern Cheilanthes sieberi ssp. Sieberi Mulga Fern
Shrub Acacia implexa Hickory
Shrub Bursaria spinosa Blackthorn
Shrub Indigofera australis Native Indiga
Tussock Cymbopogon refractus Barbed Wire Grass
Tussock Themeda australis Kangaroo Grass
Ground Cover Darwinia grandiflora Darwinia
Ground Cover Dichondra repens Kidney Weed
Ground Cover Goodenia hederacea var hederacea Violet Leaved Goodenia
Ground Cover Pratia purpurascens Pratia
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