Cowra Shire Plant List

The following plants are mostly local native species that can be grown successfully in district gardens and backyards to help enhance habitat for birds, especially small insectivorous birds. This list does not include large native trees such as Eucalypts, Cypress Pines or Kurrajongs which also have important habitat functions in large gardens.


The list of plants associated with this area. Please click on an individual name to see further details about these species.

Growth Form Scientific Namesort ascending Common Name
Senna artemisioides Silver (Desert) Cassia
Poa sieberiana Snow grass
Melaleuca spp. Myrtles or Paperbarks
Leptospermum. polygalifolium and Leptospermum spp. Tea- tree
Kunzea parvifolia Violet Kunzea
Grevillea rosmarinifolia Rosemary Grevillea
Grevillea lanigera Woolly Grevillea
Grevillea floribunda Seven Dwarfs Grevillea
Dodonea viscosa Hop Bush
Chrysocephalum apiculatum Yellow Buttons
Cassinia quinquefaria Cassinia
Calytrix tetragona Fringe-myrtle
Allocasuarina verticillata Drooping she-oak
Acacia vestita Hairy wattle
Acacia paradoxa Kangaroo thorn
Acacia leucoclada Northern silver wattle
Acacia decora Western golden wattle
Acacia deanei Green wattle
Shrub Westringia fruticosa Coast Rosemary
Shrub Indigofera australis Native Indiga
Shrub Grevillea juniperina
Shrub Bursaria spinosa Blackthorn
Shrub Acacia cardiophylla Wyalong wattle
Tussock Themeda australis Kangaroo Grass
Tussock Lomandra longifolia Spiny Mat-rush
Tussock Dianella revoluta Mauve Flax Lily
Ground Cover Hardenbergia violacea False Sardaparilla
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