South Sydney City Plant List

The list of plants associated with this area. Please click on an individual name to see further details about these species.

Growth Form Scientific Name Common Namesort ascending
Tussock Lomandra longifolia Spiny Mat-rush
Tussock Lomandra multiflora ssp. multiflora
Tussock Oplismenus aemulus Basket Grass
Tussock Themeda australis Kangaroo Grass
Tussock Xanthorrhoea resinosa Grass Tree
Ground Cover Centella asiatica
Ground Cover Commelina cyanea Creeping Christian, Scurvy Weed
Ground Cover Dichondra repens Kidney Weed
Ground Cover Hardenbergia violacea False Sardaparilla
Ground Cover Kennedia rubicunda Dusky Coral Pea
Ground Cover Pandorea pandorana Wonga Wonga Vine
Ground Cover Pratia purpurascens Pratia


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