Adelaide Hills x 4 unknown

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Adelaide Hills x 4 unknown

Adelaide Hills area. Over a few months.

I've had a good look but couldn't ID any other than the possible White Naped Honeyeater

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The second is a female European Gold Finch.

The 4th-5th is a White Naped Honeyeater.

I don't know the others.

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I agree with Timothy, & the 1st one appears to be a Thornbill of some sort, maybe Buff-rumped Thornbill?  The last one appears to be a Crescent Honeyeater.

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I think the first is a yellow rumped thornbill.

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I think that the first shot is a Weebill. I agree with all the restsmiley

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Weebill. European Goldfinch (imm). WN Honeyeater. Crescent Homneyeater (imm). Lorne


Thanks. It's always annoying not to know what I have taken pictures of.

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But exciting & satisfying when you find out?


It annoys me not to know. I put them up on my site as "unknown" and just keep looking in books and online.

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Yes, that's frustrating. There are experts here so feel free to post photos in the Identification sub-forum.

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