Advice.... Scaly leg mite issue on wild currawong

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Advice.... Scaly leg mite issue on wild currawong

Hi all,  noticed a few days ago a juvenile currawong with what seems to be a very severe case of scaly leg mites. I've never seen anything like it. As it's so timid it's been hard for me to get any good pics but from emails to specialist bird vets that seems to be what it is. I don't think it's a pox as there's no sign of the condition around his beak or eyes... He seems in discomfort as he's resting constantly on tree branches on his belly... He's still eating though and flying fine but I'm concerned it will get worse. Just wondering if anyone else on this forum has had a similar experience and how they treated it... No other birds including the adult birds he is with are affected. The wonderful bird vet suggested moxidectin or worm out in a bit of food. Will try this but thought I'd check if anyone has tried in wild birds and succeeded.

many thanks

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See if you can trap it somehow then call a wildlife rescue org. If you're in NSW WIRES is probably the best to call, although there is Sydney Metro Wildlife too.

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