Albino Duck or Domestic Duck

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Albino Duck or Domestic Duck

So I was driving along Mt Glorious Rd Samford when I noticed this big brown/white duck.

It was hanging around the male Pacific Black Duck in the 3rd Photo.

Is it an Albino or just a domestic duck?

It was in a paddock but there wasn't a house there.

It also had this groovy mohawk thing going on.

Please let me know



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Id say domestic.

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Looks like a crested breed domestic Mallard. 

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Hard to know. Weird Pacific Black Duck? LJ

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You should have caught it, it's probabely very nice when roasted. Lots of garlic, herbs ,wine and butter.


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I'd say that it's definately a domestic duck. We have a duck that has a pompom on its headsmiley

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Thats a shame. I thought I may have discovered a rare breed of duck lol. 

It has similar markings  to the pacific black duck thats why I thought it may have been an albino.

Drove past yesterday and it was still there.

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I used to be (maybe 30 years ago) interested in poultry and pigeons but not ducks. My old memory says that there was a duck breed with this pompom crest and I thought that it was called Polish Duck but googled and no. I do recall seeing ducks with this feature.



I put my 2 cents worth in and say domestic.

A lot larger and toally different body shape compared to your pictured Pacific Black Duck.

Those head markings sure are similar though, shame.


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