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Birds in Backyards Forum Upgrade

Well it has been a long time coming everyone but the forum, in fact the whole Birds in Backyards website, is going to undergo a major upgrade soon. We expect the relaunch to happen in March sometime.
The web developers are going to endevour to transfer the current contents of the forums on to the new site and so hopefully there will be minimal disruptions. Piers Higgs is in charge of the rebuild and will be on the forums to keep you up to date with the happenings.
There will be new additions to the website and the forum but the essence of the site will remain - we are still all about feeling connected to our local birds and providing information about how to help them.
I am very excited to see the new site take shape and I hope you all will be too.

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OK found the links at the bottom left of pages to the RSS feeds buy they are not updating this category  is the only one that has updated since the update.

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