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Birds in Backyards Website Upgrade

Dear Birds in Backyards members and users,

As you are aware we have been rebuilding the Birds in Backyards site and forum and we are now ready to do the switch over. As a result of this the Birds in Backyards website will be offline from Monday 16th January and will be available again on the 19th January or sooner. We will send an email out letting you know when the site is live again.

Please bear with us while the site is offline.

Best regards,
Holly and the rest of the Birds in Backyards Team.

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Hello Holly,

It might be me but no matter what l do l cannot log in to provide biby survey results. Neither the biby name/password or the old name/atlass number seems to work.

I nearly threw the glass of sav blanc at the computer but decided it was better value than telling a computer what birds are in my 'very English garden' (sorry Araminta - some of us do have them).

Any suggestions?

As to the birds - the only interesting observation was the Sacred Kingfisher coming in for water at the stock trough. Why though is a mystery as the big dam is about 80% full and only 500m from the house.

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Trying to navagate around new site the RSS feed isn't working and I can't find where it may have been moved too. Thanks

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Hey Mick

There is a glitch the web guys are working on - the first time you go to the survey page it says invalid password, however if you go back and try again, it should take you through.
Hoping this gets fixed really soon

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Thanks for letting me know, will take a look first thing in the morning

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OK I woke up at 1:30am and couldn't sleep thinking about the surveys! I have fixed most of the glitches I think so we should be good to go.

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