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Another query

A very poor photo of a bird in the Iron Range.  Please, can anyone help with identification.

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I'd go for a bird like a Leaden-or Satin-Flycatcher. Have a look in a book or the bird finder if it's the right size? Or even a White-breasted Woodswallow? Was the bird more white or yellow? The patch in his face is something on the tree though?

I might be far off the mark? Let's wait what others sayblush


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Male Fairy Gerygone?

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what about white breasted whistler juvenile male?

just a thought though maybe the range is an issue?

Cheers Beef.

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This has to be the very best way to identify a bird - thanks so much all for your time.  SteveM, I think male Fairy Gerygone is the answer.  Araminta, I magnified to the max and that patch was not the tree.  I see the white on the Fairy Gerygone in the books.   Many thanks again.


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