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Attracting birds


I have just moved into my home. I have a number of noisy miner birds in my yard. Is there a way to move them on and to attract other birds like blue wrens, parrots, etc? Tea tree gully area, adelaide.

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Hi a. I love your motivation to attract smaller native birds to your garden. 

Noisy Miners are very much advantaged by landscapes where there are native trees, especially Eucalypts, but in which the understorey of shrubs & ground covers have been cleared. Restoration of the original understorey will provide the habitat which smaller birds need to survive. However, Tea Tree Gully has had much of its original understorey removed so you'll need to encourage your neighbours & the Tea Tree Gully Council to also restore native understorey. Restoration needs to start close to the Hills face zone where the original habitat still exists so that the habitat improvement is continuous although this strategy shouldn't discourage Tea Tree Gullians everywhere from doing their bit. 

Lots has been written about this issue in other posts. Type in <Noisy Miner> in the search box near the top of this page to get an idea of what people are saying.

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