Australasian Shoveler

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Australasian Shoveler

Well there you go, I stopped at non descript little reserve in Bunbury with hardly a bird around.

There is my 172th tick and for these parts a rather rare  duck.

Just never know where you going to get that new tick :)

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Well done. Always exciting to get a new bird, especially when it is unexpected. 

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Thanks Dev, I went back the next day to see if i could get a better shot

And there was a Hardhead duck there instead which I rarely seen as well.

Then I went back the next day and there was a pair of Pink ear ducks there instead which I also rarely see around Bunbury.

Those ducks are up to something i can just feel it :)

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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They're putting on a great show for you, laza. 

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Hi Laza, normally I've seen a pair at the small park at the Port entrance for the last few years. Last Monday I spotted a pair with ducklings in the flooded paddock opposite the Shell gateway from the Picton - Port access road. 

Can't say I've seen a Pink Eared Duck in Bunbury. Well done on the new species

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That's interesting  Muz thanks , I have to check out willange drive

The shoveler seems to have gone but pair of pink ears and hardheads are remaining at that small reserve on corner of south west hwy and Vittoria rd, Glen Iris.

The only other place I have seen pink ears is that hide in Ludlow alongside layman rd near Busso

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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