Australasian shoveller?

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Australasian shoveller?

I have found a duck that I am guessing is female, that appears to me to be an australasian Shoveller. Unfortunately I am unable to upload any photos at present due to technical difficulties.

The duck has brown shingled plummage, with white and black bands on it's wings. A 'glossy' feather is 'copper' in colour. It has dark red eyes and brown legs. Found in a town Mid North / North Eastern South Australia. I hope that this is helpful. I would greatly apreciate any feedback.

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Probably not a Shoveller, as females have brown eyes & brownish orange legs. Uusually identify Shovellers by their large unique bill. My guess would be a Teal.

Cheers, Steve

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I'd agree with a Teal. Unless it had that unique, big bill that Shovelers have, but their head is also shaped a bit differently.


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