Australian Pipit or Songlark?

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Australian Pipit or Songlark?

G'day i'm new here and can identify most birds and do alot of bird photography. The one bird i havn't identified yet is this bird. Can someone identify it for me as i'm not sure exactly what it is. I think it's either a songlark or Australasian pipit but not sure.
Photo was taken in near Penrith NSW.

regards Vas

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How about?

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Yes I agree with Beef, Olive-backed Oriole.

Owl of Kedumba
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I 3rd Olive-backed Oriole, immature.

Pipit's and Songlark's are ground feeders that enjoy open country.

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Thanks guyz, shows what a difference there is between an adult and sub adult like in my pictures. I have never seen a adult yet where i took the photos and assumed the bird in my photos was an adult as i have seen it a few times recently in the nature reserve at my house.


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