Australian Wildlife Convservancy

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Australian Wildlife Convservancy

Hi, I am not affilated with this mob, but I am a little pround when they tell me I am one of their longest donators.

Thought it may interest some of you as a birding-holiday destination.  They don't do it at all of their 23 sancutaries I beleive, but if you ask who knows.

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I also donate to AWC jason, I think they do a lot of good and they are there on the ground putting conservation into practice. Yes by all means be proud if you are one of their most steadfast supporters.


Good to hear NP.  I like that they don't accuse anyone of doing this or that, just go about doing conservation like you say.  Initally I was hoping one day I might be able to bushwalk some of thier parks, but I think that will never happen.  Birding is about their thing.  

To be honest I have no idea how long I have been supporting them.  They could just be sayin that to make one feel warm and fuzzy.  But I do like they are doing research on cats and their activities, I have not heard of anyone else besides the odd university.        

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