Baby Red Wattlebird.

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Baby Red Wattlebird.

Hello all, I have a baby red wattlebird and I would really like practical advice on it's care and pre-release please.

At this stage I have had it for a week or so and now it's a fledgling. 

1. I am feeding it a mix of baby cereal / wet food, honey and egg from a syringe - comments please?

Also what do I feed it during as it gets older and how do I make the dietry transition to pre-release?

2. It is chirping happily and LOUDLY in my lounge room but I am concerned about imprinting ( it is already flying to land on us) - How do I prepeare the bird behaviourly for pre-release?

...I rang the wildlfe people here but they don't have wattle chicks atm and I would like go try my hand at fostering it if I feel it will work out.

Thanks, Tanya.


Unfortunately the only re wattle bird that I rescued had a very badly broken and displaced limb and wires decided that (as seems to be usual policy) Euthanasia was preferable to a one legged lifestyle. I mean who ever heard of a one legged bird? eh Wires?

Therefore my suggestions are only that (suggestions)

Keep taking it out to areas where other wattle birds or honeyeaters are, and letting it observe their behaviour. (be careful though they can be territorial) get it into a tree, maybe a Wattle or Banksia.  Just take a seat and watch for an hour or so (or more if you can spare the time) Maybe start bringing in flowers, like banksia, that wattle birds like to eat and keep them with the little chap. Good Luck.

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