Baby wattle bird. Parents feeding. What should I do

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Baby wattle bird. Parents feeding. What should I do

We have a tiny baby wattle bird in our front yard. It's parents are flying down to feed it and it's moving around the yard ok but it's still downy and too little to fly. About 15cms high.

I have read in your forums to leave babies alone but a cat is sure to get it.

I can bring it in and give it a warm "nest" but will that upset mum & dad?

Do I ring wildlife rescue? 

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If you are unable to relocate it back to it's nest, and concerned re cats taking the bird, then you should seek advice from Wildlife Rescue. It is probably just fallen out. If it was unhealthy or in some way genetically defective, it would be unlikely the parents would still feed it (survival.of the fittest). 

Fledglings should be left to their parents to sort out, but this one is obviously too small, and as you suggest unlikely to survive cats or other predators (other birds for example). 

The organisation I do wildlife rescue for would send someone out to assess, hopefully replace to the nest, otherwise bring it into care to be raised for later release back to the wild. They should also be able to give you some advice about what to do until someone can get there.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Smillist, you might also want to discourage cats. Your local council or wildlife authority might have cat traps for loan or hire. Spraying with water is also used by some folk as a deterrent.

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Again I agree with Dale. You can also use a makeshift nest from a hanging basket including a coconut fibre lining available from Bunnings for $3 (I only know this as I have bought a few for this purpose as well as for making ringtail possum nests). Place the bird inside and place it in a place out of easy reach from danger but somewhere accessible and easily found by the parent birds

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