Acrobatic White-plumed Honeyeaters

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Acrobatic White-plumed Honeyeaters

I saw these two (as well as another 5) at Yulara earlier this week (had to go there for work, tough life watching Uluru at sunset! :-) I have put a few more photos on my blog, but I really liked this one to share here:


Great shot Richard, i'm sure it's really tough seeing that sunset LOL.

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I agree - great shot. I can almost hear the lower bird "squawking".

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Very nice shot of a well captured moment Richard. I would love to travel somewhere in the outback one day.

Cheers, Owen.

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Great moment captured

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thank you all for the comments. Cath/Shane, yep! qyn55 were you there too? :-) Owen, I hope for your sake you get out there too, if you do feel free to make contact. Birdgirl, glad I kept the camera still enough as it was both exciting and very funny, I had all sorts of captions going through my mind as the played.

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Nicely captured ! I have never seen one of these.

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Well captured, thanks for sharing it.

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What a beautiful composition! I love the colour compination,it makes the photo look like one of those japanes silk paintings.Just gorgeous! M-L


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