All fluffed up.

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All fluffed up.

Taken at Long Reef yesterday afternoon.

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hehehe nice catch gelmir and nice colors too

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Hi Gelmir, great shot, where is Long reef?

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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white breasted sea eagle 'all fluffed up'

townsville towncommon sunday 15th

Ed Townsville NQ

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great photos you guys!! thanks for sharing.:)

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Nice shot Gelmir, ed well done mate.

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Excellent pic Gelmir, good colors.

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Thanks everyone for the comments.

birdie - Long Reef is on Sydney's Northern Beaches. It's a unique marine reserve that hosts a variety of different types of bird. Such as migratory birds from the Northern Hemisphere like Red-necked Stints, Grey-tailed Tattlers, Ruddy Turnstones, and Pacific Golden Plovers. As well as Double-barred Plovers from NZ, which have recently arrived in the last couple of weeks in their non-breeding plummage, and a host of local birds like Common and Crested Terns, Little-black, Pied, Great and Little-pied Cormorants, Eastern Reef Egrets, White-faced Herons and Sooty Oystercatchers.
It's also a great place to see Sea birds like Australian Gannets (which I managed to see an juv one fishing just off the reef on the same day I took this photo), Shearwaters and the odd Albatross (though I haven't seen one at Longy, I have heard of others that have).
ed - It's quite ironic that you posted the White-bellied Sea-Eagle photo, because as I was approaching this guy he/she was looking right up in the sky at an approaching White-bellied Sea-Eagle. Which distracted the bird long enough for me to get close to it. And just after this shot was taken it went back to looking up as an Osprey flew over head as well.


Nice shots Gelmir and Ed.

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Beautiful bird. I'm about to post some of the same one (in the distance).

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