Birds from New Zealand

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Birds from New Zealand

I thought I would share some photo's from a recent trip to NZ.

Black-Backed Gull
These guys are almost twice the size of the silver gulls we get here.

I took this photo at the bottom of Kapiti Island. It's a definete must do for any bird watcher. Kapiti is an Island bird sanctuary that is controlled by the Department of Conservation. There are no predator or introduced animals on the island so the the birds have been able to thrive.

These guys live on the south island. I never got to see one in the wild, but I did manage to snap this guys piccie in one of the many bird sanctuaries.

New Zealand Robin - South Island(female or juvenile)
These guys are pretty abundant. They're also not afraid of people and come quite close.

Tomtit - South Island (m)
Probably one of my favourite photo's from the trip. A very beautiful bird.

Spotted Shag
We saw lots of these guys on the East Coast at Dunedin

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