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City Birds

Today I went to Brisbane to attend a concert at the QPAC centre in Southbank. As I was going to watch my daughter I had my camera with me. Although these are not photographically the best I was amazed to find these unexpected sightings while having coffee on the busy streets!!
This is my very fist owl sighting , and it was only noticeable because a noisy miner was making so much noise that I looked up to see what the fuss was about. It was kind of nodding from side to side on the branch a barn owl I presume?
apologies for the poor quality
The usual culprits... real scavengers in the urban environment
and this drongo -
a surprising scavenger


Wow Birdie,unreal to spot the Owl there.
I often see the same ones fly across my light beams of a night.
I love the shot of the Ibis on the semi arches,nice touch.
I have tried to get close ups of Drongos but no luck yet.
Well done Birdie,nice series of shots. `

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yes birdie, good capture on the owl....i haven't seen one yet

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How lucky to be in the right place at the right time. I have only seen a barn owl once on a neighbour's roof when I was a child and a powerful owl once on a night walk through Blackbutt Reserve in Newcastle.

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What a great bunch of birds to find in the city. Just goes to show that you should never go out without your camera.


Melbourne, VIC

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Thanks everyone, and yes it was a total surprise to me to find such birds in the midst of hustle. The owl was actually in the canopy of a large tree planted directly outside the theatre steps and on a busy street traffic wise. As I said hundreds of people passing by were missing him and so would I but for the fact that I am attuned to the noisy miners alarm calls from my own garden so I knew there was something up there. The drongo frightened the daylights out of me when he flew in with his raucous squawk and pinched some pickings from the local pigeons on an upstairs veranda where we were having coffee. Then he flew to the nearest tree ( just at my level on the 2nd floor luckily) and ate his human lunch!!

It really made my day


Sunshine Coast Queensland

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