Masked Lapwing

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Masked Lapwing

I went to the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney before Easter, and have a chance to take this photo.

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Nice sharp pic,Hmmm that bird has the same knees as mine..

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Good close-up - when I see them they are usually defending a nest or chick - and I don't want to get that close

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good capture! haven't seen one of those.....


Nice clear shot there Cameraman.
@ Raoul, you are right mate, definately ahs Truckies knees :)

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Thank you for all those comments. I wasn't expecting much.

Alexander Choi

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they are such an odd looking bird aren't they? Tonight after dark , while having a drink on the patio at work they were going off over the back of our vacant land, where the wet parts are. I guess they didn't know that they should be in bed!! I think they must be getting ready to nest again as they are quite active and getting bolder around the village area. look out gardeners and builders as last time they had chicks they were lethal with their swooping!! :)
Our juvy butcher birds are now coming in for hand feeding. They are such a game little bird and so appealing with their antics to get fed.


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