Yellow tailed blacks, my favourite bird.

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Yellow tailed blacks, my favourite bird.

hi everyone, here are some YTBC i managed to track down this arvo. Sorry but the pics arent as good as i wanted but i have a feeling i may be able to take some more over the next few days. i was at work this morning & spotted around 20 birds over head. So at lunch time i headed off to see if i could get close enough to get a few shots. I was able to get around 8 - 10 mtrs away, i was very excited. They were in the gum trees & some where eating Banksia.

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Yes, Mr Tattoo, they love those banksia seeds. They also love hakea seeds so people living in their range can attract them by planting local banksia & hakea species.

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Luck you to have them near your workplace, mrtattoo. They are a beautiful bird. Have not seen them in our neighbourhood for quite a while. Thanks for sharing.


Melbourne, VIC

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Wentworth falls on Tablelands rd is the place right now to see quite a few YTBC, if anyones interested....Plenty of banksia, acacia & pines for them to eat. if your really really really lucky you might see a glossy black. but their pretty rare, ive seen a pair a few times over the past 3 years....

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Well done mr T ...good to see that this lot are not in a cage :')

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