Yellow throated scrub wren

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Yellow throated scrub wren

Saw heaps of these little fellows in the dark rainforest at Mary Cairncross reserve at Maleny yesterday. The sun was hiding even outside the forest so I gave up and used the flash. The sounds were unbelievably beautiful in there yesterday.

and without flash ....

and there were hepas of these little tiny birds outside near the carpark bush...think maybe a striated thornbill????

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Forgot to to say that I had a fantastic close sighting of a Rufus Fantail .... about 5 minutes after the camera battery died ..... such is life!

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Love the photos of the scruubwrens, I found them really difficult to get a photo of when I saw them ): The yellow scrubwrens really are pretty birds! I can't help with the ID, i've lost my field guide somwehere but i'd be guessing a thornbill (or maybe a gerygone?). Also love the other post with the Bush Turkey!

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Great shots of some birds I've never seen Birdie, well done- there mustn't be a day that your not birding. Thinking you're right with the striated thornbill, but I'll look at the field guide later for a confirmation.

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never seen a yellow throated scrub wren, lovely bird and great shot. Could the last one be a brown Thornbill?

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