A couple of Honey's

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A couple of Honey's

Hi just spent a lovely weekend at Yarram in the Tarra Bulga NP.Saw Rufous Fantails, Lyrebirds, Gang-Gang cockatoos (FINALLY eh George?)and this couple of Honey's.
New Holland HE Lewin's HE

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i found the new holland honey eater very fast so well done , they are cute but such a tiny bird

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Hi Joanneh
Spinebills and Scarlet HEs are far smaller.
And even faster.

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The NH's are a great favourite with me - I never tire of photographing them, and they are great parents as well as being feisty little birds!


Love the New Holland, their colours seem so comical for some reason, wish they were in my area :( Well done for getting the photos.

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Yes I can confirm Eastren Spinebills more difficult to get photos of have several from the weekend that ended up in the recycle bin!
Amateur...aren't you somewhere near Sydney? I got some photos of NH HE's near the golf course at Dee Why, so maybe they are around and hiding?!

Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best


Yeah, I live around the Blacktown area, however I think we might be just a little to far inland for it, I really must go to Dee Why someday, seen so many great photos posted up from the area.

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actually got a couple of good shots of a spinebill at paluma so was lucky must find them up

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Nice shots of nice birds Hev, I to look forward to my first NHHE.

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