A few local birds

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A few local birds

Through some google searches I noticed some Townsville folks on here, hopefully I can find some knowledgeable people to help me ID photos from time to time.

These ones from the backyard. Here's hoping I get the image/link code right...

Larger: http://www.clubpoint.net/bluebird/.birds/IMG_4579.TIFF_800h.JPEG

Larger: http://www.clubpoint.net/bluebird/.birds/IMG_9696_800w.JPG

Larger: http://www.clubpoint.net/bluebird/.birds/IMG_9710_800w.JPG

Larger: http://www.clubpoint.net/bluebird/.birds/IMG_9579_800w.JPG

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I should add that I know what the first one is, but not too sure about the others.

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Nice set No2 3 4 is the figbird intergrade northern form

No1 looks like it could be the Red-tailed Cockatoo.

A Photo is only as good as the eyes that look at it.


Nice shots Phreeky.

 and @UrbanBirdsOz  @birdsinbackyards
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