house hunting

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house hunting

Future tenants spotted these rainbow lorikeets checking out their future nesting place and the 28's or ringnecked parrot waiting on their decision.
Also taken along the Canning river.


Love it mate, just goes to show the true aggression of Lorries. No one looks until they are finshed.

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You've captured a great moment. I agree with Tassie - they soon get rid of any other birds at our feeder - even the largest parrots. Look at this brave chap!

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Hi Raoul, a fabuluous shot. You can almost feel the indignation of the 28's ... Just like this guy below, out gunned and out numbered.

And the look of triumph from the winner of the stoush



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Birdgirl & Vern thanks for adding your pics,aggressive little buggers the Lorikeet

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Maybe the 28's were selling up and moving to a bigger tree.

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