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Penny Findlow
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Bid Interactio

G'day.   We live on a cattle farm in McCullys Gap, NSW and for the past several weeks have been observing the antics of a Crow who always flies in with a Peewee, and gets harassed(?) by a Willie Wagtail.  We believe that the three birds are flying together and not that the Crow is threatening a WW nest.  Has anyone else observed this type of behaviour?

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Hi Penny

The Willie Wagail doesn't necessarily have to  have a nest to protect for it to become aggressive towards other birds. Various bird species can aggressively protect their territories where there are resources such as food, water, display branches & nesting places. However, I suspect it's unusual for the "Crow", Magpie Lark & Willie Wagtail to consistently appear together. Somebody else may have witnessed this. 

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