Biodiversity Richness

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Biodiversity Richness

Two dams divided by a fence. The dam on the north side of the fence is on a property where cattle run. The dam is sealed, relatively deep & has plenty of water but there are few rocks & logs & no significangt plants. There is some algae & a sparse mixture of introduced pasture grasses & native grasses on the dam wall. The dam on the south side of the fence is unsealed, shallower & has less water in it than its neighbour. However, it has a diversity of indigenous vegetation as well as a number of large rocks & a few small logs. An increasingly dense community of native grasses & a few introduced grasses populate the dam wall.

Currently, the first dam is silent. The second dam is alive with calling frogs after recent heavy rains. These frogs are a potential feast for any water birds which happen by.

And the birds? On the north dam Wood Ducks are often seen along with the occasional Australasian Grebe & Grey Teal or two. No breeding. On the south dam Pacific Black Ducks & Australasian Grebes have bred & Grey Teal are often seen when there's been sufficient water. Very occasionally a White-faced Heron is seen near both dams.

Farmers who run stock have the opportunity to provide habitat in & around their dams so that a rich biodiversity can be established, a biodiversity which will almost certainly enable their farms to become more productive through better water quality, less soil erosion & greater resilience in the face of environmental stress.

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