Bird Watching Companion

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Bird Watching Companion

Hello – first time poster. I am looking for somebody interested in accompanying me on some birding forays over the coming months. I am a fairly recent arrival to Sydney (from NZ) and have a reasonable knowledge of the local birdlife here. But would love to go out with somebody who knows the calls and can assist with ID and also someone knowledgeable on the flora as well. Your local knowledge and company of course would be greatly appreciated. I'm also doing some Powerful Owl surveys that would be good to have company.

I'm based in the west and can provide transport. I can also provide a very good lunch. I am interested in recording calls etc and some photography. But the main objective is to become fluent with the local avian habitants. I'm fairly fit and sometimes take my mountain bike, but I prefer a relaxed day out than a marathon fitness session.

I run my own business so can sometimes get away during the week. I'd like to get up to the Blue mountains, even some areas around Glenbrook. You may know of some good spots. I still have not had a good views of a Gangang this winter(they seem to avoid me).

Please let me know if interested.



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