Another Injured Pigeon

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Another Injured Pigeon

Hi there

My partner rcecently found a pigeon huddled under a bridge.  He managed to pick it up and bring it home . He is not able to fly, it appears one wing is injured.  He was a little subdued when we got him home, but after a week he seems quite perky now and eats and drinks well.  Sadly we have no permanent place to keep him and have 4 indoor cats so brining him inside would be a bad idea!  Does anyone know of someone who would be kind enuogh to give our little walking pigeon a home.  An aviary where he could wander around on the floor would be lovely!  We are on the north shore in Sydney and would be very happy to bring him to any prospective loving owner!



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Knowing which species of pigeon would help determine my response to your query, echobee. As I'm keen on trying to preserve Australian pigeon species, often in the face of vigorous competition from feral species, I suggest that if your pigeon is an Australian species & local to your area then your nearest wildlife rescue organisation would help preserve the species.

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