BP Oil Spill

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BP Oil Spill

I was horrified to see these distressing shots of wildlife in the gulf of Mexico.

When will we ever learn?


Birdie i hate to say it, but i don't think we'll learn until it's all gone. Terrible to see all those birds unable to move.

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It might not seem like it when these things happen but we are getting there guys.

Just think - only 20 or 30 years ago no-one would have raised an eyebrow, much less international outcry. We used to spew tonnes of coal dust over our towns, people and animals. We used to pump raw sewerage right into our rivers.

We might still do those things in some places but it's not without censure, not without repercussions anymore. Now we have so many environmental groups I couldn't name them all, 40yrs ago there was...maybe 3 or 4?

Now, after this disaster, there will be more regulation, more eyes will be watching. Not saying it will never happen again anywhere in the world but the chances will be less and the price the guilty pay will be higher. Before, most people never even questioned, now most people are not just questionning but are demanding better behaviour.

We are moving forward, we are educating ourselves and we are making a better world. Take heart :o)

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Point taken Michelle, and well stated.
I am getting personally more interested in conservation than ever before and I guess others are doing likewise. I have even been looking up local groups that I could get involved with after reading about a local lady named in the birthday honours list.



Sunshine Coast Queensland

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It's a tragedy. What a shame it's taken something like this to bring Mr & Mrs Average America to finally see that the Gas they guzzle comes from somewhere and when it goes wrong things get messy in many ways.
Usually these things happen "somewhere else" in countries where they don't speak American (sic), so they don't care. "So long as gas is cheap and plentiful it don't matter me none" is the usual response.
Even with this disaster most are worried about it's economic impact over it's environmental one.
Jobs and livelihoods first, everything else second. Will we learn? Watch this space.

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