Rescue and feeding of Noisy Miner and Indian Mynah birds

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Rescue and feeding of Noisy Miner and Indian Mynah birds

My wife and I came across this website and were horrified at the lack of information that people rescuing miner/mynah bird chicks have access to.
From trying to get water down their throats (don't do it!) to feeding them entirely the wrong sort of food.
There is a wealth of information already available on the Internet via a Google search that lists quite cleary the do's and don't's of feeding myna bird chicks/fledglings up to young and adult.

Never force them to drink water. They don't need it and you will only end up drowning them.It only takes a tiny amount of water in a Myna's lungs to kill it.
Myna's get most of the water they need from their food.
Never feed them bread or fact if you're not 100% certain of what you should feed them then for heavens sake do a Google search and find out. Your ingnorance will probably kill the very bird you have rescued and are trying to help.

Below are links to websites where people will tell you exactly what you need to do and what you need to feed a Myna bird from baby to adult.

Some good general info here:

Some of the sites above list the same things, but that's good because it shows they're all on the same track to correct feeding technique.

When our Aussie Miner was a baby we placed a tiny amount of food on a cotton bud and the bird would open his beak and suck the food off the cotton bud.
We used a fresh cotton bud every thrid time to avoid loose strands getting into the baby'south.

We never could find any Mynah bird pellets in nearby pet stores, but we did okay with Insectovroe and Nectorvore made by a comapny called Womabaroo. We also used Lorikeet rearing and condition food powder by Avione.

The lorikeet powder we serve dry. The Insectovore we mix with the Nectorvore and a bit of fruit baby food and serve slightly wet/mushy but not dripping in water.

Most pet shops sell Meal Worms..these are an excellent baby Myna food, but contain a lot of fat and should be given as an occassional treat to an adult bird.
We fed our bird Meal Worms off the end of a pair of stamp pliers, the sharp ends sanded blunt to protect the birds mouth.

We would sometimes put a drop of water on the end of our finger or back of our hand and the baby would lick it off with his tongue...but we never forced water down his beak.

Remember baby birds parents don't feed them bread and milk, so neither should you. Lots of human food will kill Myna's. I can't say it enough...if you don't know exactly what to feed a bird or an animal then go Google it and find out. Doesn't take long and the animal will thank you for it by remaining alive and healthy.

In point of fact we never kept our baby Aussie Miner in a cloth lined box or monitored the temprature of his enviroment. He lived in a small cage with perches and a cloth lined bottom in a sun warmed living room during the day and we covered the cage with a towel at night.
By the end of the first week he spent most of his time out of the cage and on our shoulders. When he could flutter but not fly we let him wander about on our garden blacony and as he got older and did learn to fly he would (and still does) divide his time between out garden and our house. We always leave the balcony door or a window open for him. He comes and goes as he wants. At sunset he flies back inside and spends the night indoors with us.

General information...note that the common term is Myna, whereas the Australian bird is the Miner. Our Miner bird is a native of this country, the brown Indian Myna's are an introduced species.
For the sake of feeding Myna birds the information relates to both species.


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Some great info there Vin thank you and the reason why you don't find any info on feeding the birds is that we do not advocate feeding or for that matter caring for sick and injured birds on this site. it is the usual recommendation to refer to a licensed wildlife and bird carer.
Feeding birds is a very contentious issue here in this forum and there is such a variety of opinion about it. This Forum is linked to and run Birds Australia....
Re the Noisy Miners.. I think you will find that is an ongoing education matter.... there is always a newcomer that thinks they are the same! IF you search through the forum using the search method and placing a relative term in the box to will enable you to bring up past posts on the subjects.
Nice to have someone with knowledge on board ...always welcome

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Hi Vin

Yes birdie is correct. We recommend that any sick or injured wildlife are handed over to the care of licensed carers or vets (and it is actually illegal to care for native wildlife without a licence). We hope people use this section of the forum for getting information for temporary care before they can get the bird to one of these places.
As for feeding in general, there can be numerous issues with feeding native wildlife (and you have recognised some of them in your post). BIBY would prefer that people create bird-friendly gardens where birds can forage for food naturally.
If people do feed birds we suggest feeding infrequently (not daily), researching the appropriate foods and keeping feeding stations immpecibly clean. There is information in our Guidelines on the website that you can find under 'Bird-friendly Spaces'.


Good to see you back Holly :)

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