Ringnecked pheasant

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Ringnecked pheasant

We found a Ringnecked pheasant under our truck two days ago, with six barn cats circling around it. The bird has some kind of injury (I suspect it was hit, or kicked around by haying equipment), though we don't know exactly what. We put it into a large cat carrier, with hay bedding, cracked corn and water. For two days, it has eaten, drunk and pooped. It now can stand and walk; I don't know about flying. Tomorrow, we will give it the opportunity to fly away. BUT, if a wing os injured, we will have to keep it and do something for it. We cannot take it to a vet; under state law, they must inform Fish and Game, which would come for the bird and kill it immediately. This, IMHO, would be criminal, since there are hardly any pheasant left in our state (over hunting, thank you). So, we must treat it ourselves. OUR QUESTION: Can anyone tell us how to set a broken wing? Is it possible? Will the wing heal itself, if we just give it protection, care and time? Sure would appreciate any advice you can offer. Please email me directly at

because I am so busy with the farm that I often don't check all the lists I'm on. Thanks ever so much.

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G'day riever,
From what you've said, it would appear you might be in the US?
If the wing is broken, it will need to be attended to by a Vet to make sure it sets properly. Bird bones, unlike our bones, are hollow, and if not treated properly wont heal correctly and may cause further complications.
Without a proper assessment, x'rays,exam etc, and proper treatment, it is really hard to recomend you do anything as not doing anything may cause the bird to live in permanent discomfort and pain.

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