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bird rescue nt

a friend driving about 3hours out of Darwin, a large black and white bird on the side of the road rings wires it can not be a sea eagle out there, it is 3 hours to get to you, take it home and put it in the freezer. have the bird wrapped up and in the car,
we would be more humane to knock it on the head than try and find a big enough freezer,just then a car pulled up you okay tell them the story ah take it out to such and such's place they will know what to do, three weeks later the people phone it was a sea eagle, no broken leg or wing just released it now thanks for bringing it over.
is this the norm i might knock up a trap [indian myanas]and put them in the freezer nah grand kids don't go for runny i/blocks.


George I am hearing you mate and thats about all I am going to say on this one.

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