Brown Falcon, sadly passed away

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Brown Falcon, sadly passed away

This Brown Falcon, (Sam, my son and I rescued) we believe was hit by a car. It showed no sign of external injury, and was easily caught. We were to have it in in our care overnight, until our wildlife and bird friendly vet would be open. Unfortunately, overnight, it passed away. We assume from internal injury, and or shock. This one certainly made an impression on us, something I will never forget. Photo credit goes to Sam, he took these during my physical assessment, which involved testing it's ability to perch, examination of head, eyes, body, wings and legs for obvious injuries, including fractures, and testing for dehydration. The light colored box is used only briefly during examination, the Falcon spent the night in a warm, dark box. Unfortunatley, I found it dead, early in the morning. Had it survived til morning, it would have been fed some Vitrate. Unless severely dehydrated, we allow them to settle, before attempting to offer any food or fluid. 

Rick N
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That's a real shame,what a lovely looking bird.

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That's a really sad ending for such a beautiful bird... crying


Why aren't there emergency hospitals and ambulances for birds? Selfish humans. Deeply saddened by the death of this beautiful creature. I hate cars so much.

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One of the reasons I posted these photos is to raise awareness. Thanks to all those who have had a look.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary (for whom we do our wildlife rescues) are now raising money for a Wildlife Specific Hospital, and while animal ambulances are unlikely, their FOC (Friends of Carers) program with many hundreds of volunteers like us, is probably a more cost effective service than dedicated "ambulance".

We have all attended a basic rescue course, which teaches capture techniques and first aid for wildlife. We can also ring 24 hours a day for specific advice about specific species, as some we encounter almost daily, while others are a once in a lifetime opportunity.

if anyone is interested in the the work being done, is worth a look. Greg Irons (the director) has a real passion for the animals, and will see this hospital open, maybe later this year, or early next year.  I am not sure how the fund raising is going, but it will happen!

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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