Buff-rumped Thornbill, Diamond Firetails et al

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Buff-rumped Thornbill, Diamond Firetails et al

A buff-rumped thornbill has wandered onto our property. This is the first sighting I've had of this species at our place. And the diamond firetails I saw a month or so ago seem to have stettled in for the time being. In spite of the drought the bird life is prolific with the Eurasian coot still on the neighbour's dam even tho' the water level is falling even as we speak.

On top of all that I saw today two Australian admiral butterflies soaking up sunshine, one on our verandah post & the other on the trunk of a Eucalyptus.

Then there was the red-browed firetail, fragment of grass in its beak, bobbing to its partner. However, the second part of the ritual failed to eventuate so I guess the male decided it was a little early in the season for rumpy pumpy.

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