Can someone confirm this for me?.

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Can someone confirm this for me?.

I took this photo at Perigian Beach last year on the Sunshine Coast. The only thing I can compare it to is a Varied Triller but I am not sure because they are listed as uncommon to rare in the south-east. Any ideas are appreciated.

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My initial guess without referring to any reference books is exactly as you said.

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Definitely a Varied Triller. They have the slight barring on the front and the buff underneath that the White-winged Triller lacks.

Cheers, Owen.

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I agree with Varied Trilled.

I have my Morcombe guide with me and it says as you state 'uncommon to rare in the SE'.

I have however got pics at Enogerra Reservoir, Brisbane and South Ballina, NSW.


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What remarkably diverse birdlife we have in Australia! Worth preserving I would have thought.

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Thanks everyone for your help, I wish the photo had been better but unfortunately the lens I had was faulty and the whole time I thought it was my poor technique. I missed some good opportunities that day with other birds as well for example:- 2 White-bellied Sea eagles courting and mating, a good close shot of a Rainbow Bee-eater and some Dollarbird in flight photos and my first Kingfisher shots. Maybe I should have put this under "rant of the day". Another day I guess.



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Cliff we were up at Peregian Beach this week and saw your Triller!

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Thanks ZambeziBoy, it is nice to know that they are still there and a nice photo by the way showing the barring on the underside which my photo didn't convey. I took my photo in the nature strip behind the sand dunes, is that where you found yours?



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Yes, these guys are definitely in the Sunshine Coast area - I have seen them at my folks place in the hinterland.

They are a little hard to spot, as they don't actually move a whole lot and are relatively quiet.

They have also seen the White-winged Triller there a fair bit recently.


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Thanks for the info Tim, next time I am up that way I will have eyes in the back of my head.



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Wow I'll have to keep my eyes open and get up there again Shane. That is great that Zambesiboy got a good clear shot of one up there. I used to go to the heath area behind the Northern end of Stumers creek and that can be interesting too.

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