Careers Under Threat

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Careers Under Threat

Natural habitat across Australia is still being or is about to be destroyed. As well as plans to destroy Swift Parrot habitat in Tasmania we have governments right across Australia's east at the forefront of efforts to rid Australia of its wildlife. Logging in Victoria & the gross weakening of native vegetation protection in Queensland & NSW are threatening our biodiversity big time. South Australia's natural habitat is perhaps less threatened because it's rather hard to find these days, especially in  Adelaide's hinterland. 

Those Birds in Backyarders who value their careers as bird watchers & bird photographers would do well to contact the relevant authorities in their states & the national capital to let them know how their votes will be cast at the next respective elections. Bird watchers of Australia unite. You have nothing to lose but your ticks.

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I hope the future isn't going to be birdwatching in the museum. 

For Australian birds, natives=life, exotics=death, so do them a favour and go plant some natives and save their lives.

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The latest disastrous anti-natural environment proposal comes from the NSW government which, I understand, is proposing to bulldoze  60 hectares of the Royal National Park, Australia's first national park & the world's second oldest, to meet the needs of, would you believe, cars!

I'm aware that there are a number of Birds in Backyarders who derive great pleasure from bird watching & photography in the Royal National Park so if they wish to continue with their recreation there they'll need to let the NSW government know how they feel about this horrendous proposal.

Politicians seem to possess limitless stupidity when it comes to the natural environment & there is a high probablility that the vandalising of 60 hectares will be the thin end of the wedge & the park will become open slather to all sorts of ruthless, unprincipled developers.

On top of this sad news I also read today that the federal government has relaxed restrictions on the protection of rare marine life near Abbott's Point in Queensland, the site for the expansion of a climate-destroying coal export terminal which will service Adani's proposed  Carmichael coal mine.

Oh, yes, & both major parties, I believe, are supporting proposed amendments to the Native Title Act which will advantage Adani in its quest to wreck our planet.

So folks, there are plenty of letters & emails to fire off to relevant politicians if you're wondering what to do with your time or if you want to protect the natural environment on which we all depend for our existence.

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